Everywhere the name Punario shows up, it can mean three things. Fissa to manisa with your favorite whitney houston sing-a-longs with massive sitdowns, Distorted kicks with massive punches so called ‘beuksessies‘ or!!! Massive BIGROOM EDM TRAP bangers filled with a little taste of Punario.

This born in ’88’ multitalented has proven himself to be integral part of the dance scene (gmrpff, need to make it a bit pro right?), a born perfectionist striving to make a perfect reflection of his ability to express himself behind the decks and in his productions. Started producing in the early 20’s and started spinning in late 90’s (12-years old smashing Faithless tracks on the dancefloor, like a boss!)

The past few year there have been lot’s of clubs, bars, festivals, living-rooms and sea-containers been ripped apart by Punario. And he’s just getting started, so toggle your seatbelts, wear your safety vests, deploy your rescue vessel and get ready to Fissa!